Welcome to Villa Ines, our B&B and our home.

Ines was the name of my mother and this is the house that she built with my dad Cesare as a place of the hearth to gather our family on summertime. They wanted a wide livingroom and a spacious porch opened to the shady park to relax together, one independent room and bathroom for each of us sisters Zaira, Caterina and Dolores, a garage wide enough for all of us.

This is the way it was conceived, this is the way it still is. 



In this picture, i am the one standing beside my mother Ines. In my father’s arms is Zaira, the youngest sister and on their right there’s Caterina, the oldest. These are the names you’ll find in our B&B, my present to a small family story.

La mia famiglia

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